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This is one of the most awesome-st movies of all time next to my favorites which I will not tell for the list could go on and on, but let me tell you that PERCY JACKSON AND LIGHTNING THIEF ISN'T ONE OF THEM because of the mere truth that besides from the fact that Logan Lerman's hotness, it was completely rash and weak compared to the actual book which was punch full of awesome. But let's stop here shall we?

I've been waiting for this movie for almost half of my existent pre-teen social life( Truthfully, 2 years and 2 months and 23 days but who's counting?). As you would know I've read The Hunger Games Trilogy in late 2010 in a time span of 1 week, accounting Mockingjay and Catching Fire as the longest read for 3 days straight. Thankfully while I was waiting for it tons of sneak peaks and castings were awesome to read and watch. So let's get the lowdown on the casting:
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen: Meh.I don't really care about who got casted as Katniss [okay a tiny feeling in my gut says Kaya Scodelario but with tons of self-convincing that she was perfect for the role of Thalia Grace in PJO, it passed on] as long as she could act and Jennifer Lawrence being pretty is just a bonus.
  • Josh Hutcherson as Peeta Mellark: So I've seen Josh act in sooo many movies, brah. I must admit he is one of my kiddy crushes when I was younger. My first choice for Peeta along with Kaya was Hunter Parrish [undeniably hot] until I realized he looked a little bit sultry looking for the likings of angel face Peeta. So Josh is perfect <3.
  • Liam Hemsworth as Gale Hawthorne: unlike the other two characters I didn't have my PERFECT GALE because for some unknown reason I disliked Gale's character. I just pictured him as Katniss' hot boy bestfriend who was secretly completely in love with her but can't express his feelings until he got jealous at my boy, Peeta. Anyways, Liam is MY perfect Gale believe it or not.
I should stop here because if I continue until the very last character it would pretty much be a waste of time so CINNA, HAYMITCH. EFFIE AND OTHERS ALL OF YOU ARE PERFECTLY CASTED. For the record, Cato and Clove are my favorite characters, Seneca's beard is exquisitely divine and Caesar Flickerman's moving background is weirdly cool.

Next Please. The Script was terrific, what would we expect from the great Suzanne Collins? It was li 
They're looking at you as if your dead meat. - Katniss to Peeta.
The cameras? not so much. At the start of the movie when Katniss was running, it was sort of spinning around and it made me sort of dizzy. At the fight scenes , it was also like that. But I guess that's the beauty of it, you won't see the gruesome scenes because of the ditsy camera. The music was a bit disappointing too     besides from Safe and Sound [T.Swift how I love your voice] because of the lack of background music like the fight scenes and the running from the pedestals to different parts of the arena.The plot was absolutely amazing[can't think of anymore adjectives to describe this movie besides awesome and PERFECT]  it was very much like the book and quite realistic, it gave this weird nostalgic feeling, besides how close can it get? Gary Ross, I approve. But some mistakes, THEY REMOVED MADGE [Though she is a minor-major character, Madge is like the essence of the rebellion. She IS the FUEL to Katniss' FIRE] just because of time and budget, They didn't explain further about the unrequited love of Peeta's father to Katniss' mother and the AVOX GIRL :(.

Like a Lady
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Would you like a cup of tea?

Ohgosh. Frankly, I've been quite busy to post here in my blog and I AM NOT HAPPY  PLEASED ABOUT IT. I think I lost my LIKE A LADY 'tude. Ohellno. So anyways I miss my roleplaying days with Ate Eriele, my bookreviews, my books, my charity work, my blogposts, and my total adorkable antisocialnesss, I AM AFRAID I AM BECOMING ONE OF THE IDIOTS WHO BECOME INFATUATED ABOUT GIMIKS, CLOTHES AND UGH..BOYS. Not the finer things in life like literature, movies, shakespeare and music.

It all started when a rather close friend of mine introduced me to a harmless website by the name of Wattpad, it was harmless, or so I THOUGHT. It was like a vortex sucking you in and will never release until you become like me. It's all like SCHOOL WORK? BEING SOCIAL? READING BOOKS? OTHER STUFF YOU CARE ABOUT? and i'm like:

I must stop this foolishness. I should stop wattpading, it's affecting me and my grades and my books. Bit by bit it is changing me, INSIDE. Ohdear, somebody help me please?
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a freaking picture of freaking adorable-ness.
It's the actually the Hunger Games Cast, I know them all except for the guy standing next to Isabel 
maybe that's jack quaid but whatever.
They all look really awesome here.
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I am so depressed I WANNA STAB SOMETHING OR SOMEONE( I'm not that choosy) well not literally. So anyways I haven't posted that much for I am either a lazy bum or I'm busy but whatever. In this state of depression I did a few unnecessary things:

  • I have tried to cut myself with a hairbrush- YES A FREAKING HAIR BRUSH!
  • Shoved everybody in a 10 inch distance.
  • Deactivated my Facebook account for it is a reminder of HOW UGLY I AM.
  • and a bunch of other stuff.
IT'S SO FREAKING STUPID! ASDFGHJKL:" It is very unlike me really but I assure you I WILL NOT DO THIS AGAIN :): The weird thing is I don't know why I AM SO DEPRESSED but I DO KNOW that it has something to do with school. To be safe I advise you to avoid me to have a shove-and-rant-free day :):
sorry there is no bright side to this post except for this announcement: Mum bought me

  • School of Fear
  • Scat
  • I am Number Four
My sister bought me 

  • Son of Neptune
My sis-bestie bought me

  • The 39 Clues: One False Note
I am planning to buy
  • a book by Trenton Lee Stewart
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Merry Christmas and all that since it's already a -Ber month( My teacher did it and well, I wanted to do it too). I accumulated lots books during the last week of August. Which are:
  • The Bobbsey Twins' Adventure in the Country (everything was a little too sugar and spice for me and well there were like 2-5 almost died accidents like head under water, minor-age driving, almost falling down in a ravine and got kidnapped by Thieves)
  • Cinderella[as if you didn't know the story already](the author pretty much SUGAR-COATED EVERYTHING and you won't understand what time is it BECAUSE DID THEY HAVE FOOT SURGERY in THE OLDEN DAYS? no. Also they it didn't have more insight about the characters either the thing bout the gello-loving prince and Cinderella as a nice girl was it. COMPLETE WASTE OF A BOOK)
  • Royal Diaries: Cleopatra VII: Daughter of the Nile( this was a good book full of historical facts and whatnot. An insider that being a princess isn't all frills, princes and dance parties as fairy tales make it seem)
  • The School Story(this book is really nice, a story how a young author's book got published without her mom knowing)
  • Pictures by Hollis Woods( so far so good, POV of a orphan)
  • Loser( haven't read it yet)
I saw The Medusa Plot in our NBS and had it reserved. Oh! have seen the new demigods?
Frank Zhang
I think he's an Apollo camper because of the bow and arrow. 
2nd Chinese demigod the first one was Drew.
like THE REYNA, the one Jason's been talking about.
Two mechanical dogs, Aurum and Argentinium with ruby eyes.
At first I thought Hephaestus was her godly parent but Rick Riordan said it's new god.
Maybe Nike?
since she's the goddess of victory and all.
The Book Thief
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How, ironic really. I've read the Lightning Thief and the Talent Thief, now this. I've seen this book like a hundred times before when I'm searching for books. Remember when I said I was a sucker for pretty-fied coverings? well it striked again :3. and TADA- ignored it again. Until mid-july when I saw it in the Book Festival thingy here in our place. I was sort of interested in it but I ditched it for Dork Diaries: Part Time XD.When it was time to buy it though, the book thingy was OVER. So I went to NBS and on the bright side: THEY HAVE IT, on the dark side: IT’S MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE. So I decided to buy it on another day. When that day came THERE WAS A FRCKN SALE, and the book Thief was 100 pesos less XP. See how one book can cause so much hassle? STILL WORTH IT.
  • Name: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • My Random Simplified Summary: Brother dies. Finds a book. Pees on her bed. Father teachers her to read.Hitler Youth. Steals a book. Mum got fired. Steals a book. (ok I'll stop here. when making book reviews here in my blog, I dread making MRSS because, I'm not good at making summaries. but really, this is a good book!)
  • GOOD REVIEW: it's absolutely positively lovely. Written with humor and a little something I can't put my hands on. IT'S NARRATED BY DEATH! tho it doesn't make it special or anything, but it fits the story. I read this book to pass time and I didn't expect it to be my favorite book but yeah change of plans. I didn't "AUTOMATICALLY" fell in love with the characters like PJO and 39 Clues etc. Like the Hunger Games, I needed time for the characters to impress me in some sort of way. By the end part one: the gravedigger's handbook I was so hooked with the characters that I couldn't put it down. I love all the characters, they're very memorable, especially the Hubermanns because they're pretty much like my parents. I like the format how it was written the chapters were named for example: PROLOGUE: A MOUNTAIN RANGE OF RUBBLE and inside of it has mini-stories about the chapter.There's also in every chapter there are 2-3 fact-poem thingys:

  • BAD REVIEW: Let's see the bad side. No.1 thingy is profanity. The occasional saukerl and saumensch is said by Rosa Hubermann and other German words, thank goodness there wasn't any strong, foul-mouthed cusses(but I still advise reader discretion). The other thing is  Nazi violence and descriptions of the Jews( but don't worry it's very limited just a few scenarios here and there). The DEPRESSION, at one point after sniffling in Rudy's death, I threw the book on the bed and screamed "WHY!?WHY!?" which I found very therapeutic. Do not turned off of what you are reading here, I promise you it's quite pleasant actually but it's NOT a light read.
  • BOOK QUOTE: "Clearly you are an idiot-but you are our kind of idiot. Come on!" -Arthur Berg. pg. 15( I like this quote a LOT)
  • OVERALL RATING: 10 (I do not care for the profanity)
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Uh- I never told anyone this before but I secretly ship SINEAD STARLING and HAMILTON HOLT(even they're names start in some weird manner). So OK even though Ham is like 15(now 17) and Sinead is 13(now 15) it's not weird at all! Maybe Sinead is the same age as Ian and Amy but when the clue hunt started she didn't have her birthday yet. Back to the point. I think it's really cute![personally] because:
  • They pair Hamilton with Amy which is like disgusting since he treats her like a sister.
  • Even though Ian is a British Git, I still like IAMY.
  • I also like Sinead.
But some think it's like disgusting because of the age difference, well be disgusted if Ham was like 20 and Sinead was 13!(that I would'nt ship). Every once in a while I search Fan Fiction for Ham and Sinead, come across good ones like this and sometimes I don't find anything at all. Bloody Unfair. So yeah thanks for reading by pointless rant about Samilton[BUT HEY IT COULD HAPPEN!]

This has been a pointless rant about Sinead and Hamilton brought to you by Melissa

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